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"Never Stop Training" - Hélio Gracie


Adults BJJ


Designed for all knowledge and fitness levels. Warm-up, technique breakdown, and sparring (non-compulsory). Gi (Kimono) required for this class.

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Designed for the whole family. Introduction to jiu jitsu fundamental skills and body movement. Fun and dynamic. Gi (Kimono) optional.

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Also known as “Submission grappling.” Class designed for all knowledge and fitness levels. Warm-up, technique, and sparring (non-compulsory). Uniform is shorts and rash-guard.


Women’s Only


For women, by women. Fun and safe environment for women to learn jiu jitsu skills and get fit. Gi and No-Gi uniform.

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Open Mat

Non-structured mat time. Can be used for open sparring, drilling and/or Q&A.

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A fun and safe environment for kids to learn jiu jitsu and life skills. Emphasis on cooperation, community building, confidence and resilience. Gi (Kimono) required for this class.

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Privates with


Class designed according to student’s level and needs, to optimize and focus on the student’s goals (self-defense, competition preparation, fitness, specific techniques, etc.).

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Introduction to

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Break down and understand the basic moves & concepts of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with Head Coach black belt Nico Otero.

  • 8 Week Course

  • Wed. 5:30-6:30pm

  • No gi/kimono required

  • Limited 10 people

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